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    Just a quick note to say thank you for your continued support and Labour provisions especially at times when we have required Labour at short notice. It has been a pleasure to discuss our requirements with you in a professional manner and on a “one to one“ basis, knowing that all would be done to achieve our requirements.

    Dean Taylor - Electrical Contracts Manager

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Working in this sector

Of course, we pay specific attention to qualifications and experience, but we also think it’s hugely important to listen to what you WANT to do.

We have an expectation from our clients that the people we provide to them will be able to hit the ground running, so we spend a bit of time asking questions and getting to know you.  Some of this will be fact based, but our clients have as much interest in the personalities of their potential staff.

In a nutshell, we’ll provide you with everything you need before you start work, and we’ll ensure that you’re the right fit in the first place.